Monday, February 4, 2013

in the bridegroom's presence

I am getting annoyed at myself for starting these blogs and not finishing them. This was dated 3/11/11 - and I can't tell you what I was even thinking, since it was almost two years ago!Let's see. If I played a game with myself and blogged given any random title, what would I say about this?In the bridegroom's presence, we rejoice and not suffer. There is no sacrifice to be had because we are in a moment of celebration.Ash Wednesday approaches us next week and as Catholics, we are asked to pray, fast, and give alms. What to fast this year? Different ideas have come to mind, but what would be a true sacrifice that would keep me from doing anything for myself but rather for the good of others and the world? Maybe it'll be good for me too because my relationship with Christ will grow. Many people say, "It's not what you give up but the Spirit of the heart and the intention behind it." So if giving up social media or hanging out with my friends will bring me closer to God, maybe I'll consider that. Anyway, I have a week left to pray about what He really is calling me to do. I wish it were as simple as when I was in grade school. "I'm giving up chocolate!". Well we'll see. I love Lent, though sometimes I do dread it. It's such a "dark" time when Jesus was being put to trial, ready to be crucified and mocked. However it is an awesome time in the faith, when His resurrection brings Light and Hope to the world for ages to come. This is the time that I really really remember how much Jesus loves me and that He died like a thief thousands of years ago, just so then someone like me - a person who fails in loving him 100% daily, can be forgiven over and over again.Then on that day, when we are in the presence of the bridegroom, we can all rejoice...and eat chocolate!

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