Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Day 2-4 all fall in the same theme: Comfort

I found happiness in hanging out with one of my close friends, KC.  I found happiness in my pillow.  I found happiness in my morning tea and Filipino treat (suman).

Day 2: My friendship with KC reflects how much I truly enjoy genuine friendship.  We might not talk every day or see each other weekly like we used to, but everytime we hang out, there is a certain comfort that I don't just find in everyone.  That is so important to me.  I know a friendship has already passed that point into "REAL" when I don't have to fill every silence with a story.  Sometimes the presence of my friend is more than anything I need at that moment.

Day 3: The night prior, as I prayed the Novena for the Unborn (do it, it's not too late!) part of the reparation for that day was to give up something comfortable, as a sacrifice.  In this case, it was a simple ask but ended up being a little harder than I pillow.  Especially since I haven't been feeling the best lately, my pillow would just be sO comfortable.  But everytime I woke up, I prayed for the unborn and any mother who couldn't sleep because they were restless on the decision she would make for herself and her child.  Any sacrifice, no matter how small and simple, is great in the eyes of the Lord.  I will say though, the next night I slept on my pillow and I was truly happy.

Day 4: Hot tea and suman.  Comfort food in the morning is something that brings me in a good mood.  No better way to start the day with a delicious, warm treat!  Simple joys.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

100 happy days

Be joyful every day. My friends challenged us to join and post something each day that brings us joy. It's not about bragging, rather being able to share your joy and have others maybe feel the same too. For me, I pray it's a way to help everyone recognize God on the daily. Every day He answers prayers. Every day He blessed us with something. Some days it will be more obvious than others, some days I know I'll really have to reflect on that day to find happiness. However note what's a given. I'm not going to post my time at mass daily lol - that's trumps all things that make me happy. Anyway, I pray that you're able to see God in everything and revel in how much He surrounds and hugs you matter what.

So day one: fireworks, Disneyland, and Small World. Any of these three automatically turn my mood to joy! 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snowman pants and red velvet crinkles

Last night we had #cousinbonding night: Christmas version. What was supposed to be a long night of Disney movies, gingerbread house making, and sledding turned into quite the opposite. We baked cookies, talked about (their) college plans, and slept in and out of one movie. Instead of all being piled in one room come 4am, everyone slept all over the place by 2. At first I thought, "So much for cousin bonding," but we woke up this morning and continued laughing, singing, and watching another Disney movie over chicken wings. The hugs I felt as I parted ways from them is what sealed the cousinhood. We bonded.

Those hugs are making me think very seriously of what my priorities are right now. I don't have it figured out, but it's making me think in a clearer mind than six months ago.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


This year, I didn't make a new year's resolution. It's not because I think I will fail and they're pointless, but instead I don't want to make this feel like I have to start over in life just because the date changed. I want to keep living each day brand new, better than yesterday. I remember one day in sixth grade. I went into the bathroom and decided I'd be a new person once I came out of that stall. I'm pretty sure I stayed the same, but my confidence was different. So, in fact, I did come out a different person. That's how I felt today. As I was working, I thought, "I'm going to be different today."  That's what got me motivated to do what I said I've been meaning to do all break.

New year

I grew up with a sort of superstition that how you start your year is a reflection of the rest of the year. I will finally have to admit that theory proves to be odd in so many ways. First of all, half the time people are drunk so unless they spend the rest of the year hung over....well wait that can actually happen. For myself, January 1, 2013 was uneventful but the rest of my year wasn't. A trip to the Philippines, Jennie Marie's freak accident leading to her death, Lucas Xavier's birth, and the eight of fifteen weddings I attended this year made for quite an eventful one. I apologize for the seven weddings I wasn't able to attend...all for good reason I assure you. This year, I spent my day on the couch catching up on television I never watch. Gluttony? Perhaps...if I wasn't feeling ill. My weird stomach pangs and dry cough contributed to the idea of just giving myself cabin fever. Let's hope this isn't a reflection of 2014, but I will say it crossed my mind to be less busy this year. So far I have five weddings and one confirmation in the books, and I plan on capping it there. Here's to another eventful year. One I hope to better remember and record.