Wednesday, September 2, 2015

a letter to my kite

I've had this desire to fly a kite for a long time.  This led me to buying one, but for whatever reason I kept it hidden in my closet for years.  I knew it was there, and I kept telling myself to go to the park to fly it, but I just never put it in my car.  Numerous times I found myself at the park or beach saying, "Ugh, I wish I brought my kite!"  I don't know what I was waiting for...I guess the right moment.

Well it wasn't until I cleaned out my apartment and found the kite, that I remembered to bring it to my very last beach day for the summer (as a SoCal gal).  I was so hyped up to fly it, assembled it, and started to run to let it fly in the wind.  Run run run....tired.  No kite flying in the air.  What the heck?!!?  What was I doing wrong?

Well I gave up and figured I got a dud.  I mean, it's not hard to fly a kite - so what was my deal?  I just blamed it on the kite.

For whatever reason, a friend of mine was looking at it randomly and then I felt a tug on the string I was holding.  It started to fly!!!  I asked what he did and he replied, "It was on backwards."  So basically I did it wrong.  I had every intention of doing it the right way, but I guess in my excitement I didn't pay close enough attention and thought I assembled it correctly.  I didn't realize I'm the one that messed it up (not the kite I blamed, ha!) but thank goodness someone made it right.  Once that was done, I was flying it and a happy kid.

So dear kite,

I'm sorry I waited until the end to fly you.  I'm sorry I just cherished you from within my closet - where your potential was just stored.  You were too pretty for me to I kept forgetting you were there.  I can't blame you that you didn't want to fly for me once I was actually ready to.  But Someone corrects our wrongs, and once things were fixed, we had a great time.  A time so grand, it will be a memory I will look back to when I want to feel that giddiness again.  It's an innocent joy that has a deep meaning for me because flying kites is something I really love to do.  I just don't do it enough...not sure why.  I guess that makes our time together, no matter how short, that much more special.  People kept wanting to fly you, so I shared.  They knew it belonged to me and made sure to not let go of it and lose it in the wind.  I would always get you back in one piece, no matter how windblown.

Thank you, kite.  I have you here with me so it's just a matter of the right time of finding a place for us again.


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