Wednesday, February 17, 2016

make room

It's been a while, fellow readers.  So happy all seven of us can get together and catch up! ;)

So I know I've been in Cincinnati for about five and a half months now, but I've only recently gathered up the courage to invest in real "adult" furniture.  No more futons that fit two small people and random craigslist finds that don't match.  I'm talking legit goods...ottomans and all!  Yeah it's real.

So when I came into work on Monday and shared this adventure with my co-workers, I had to add my true feelings that I am committed to the city.  They were like, "Wait - you mean you weren't before?"  It's not that...but there's something about investing in something like furniture that makes a statement in my life.  I've always made excuses in the past to not buy a couch or hang up pictures.  For me, everything was temporary, and I should always be ready to leave if necessary.  For whatever reason...not this time.  I'm not saying I'm going to live in this place for 100 years.  It just means that I've finally accepted the fact that my mail no longer goes to my Los Angeles address.  *Insert big sigh*

I walked into the furniture shop and when the salesman asked if I needed help, I said, "YES.  Please help me pull the trigger because this needs to happen today."  I procrastinated so much.  First it was, "Oh I just moved, no rush to fill up my space."  Then it turned to, "I'll buy furniture after Christmas.  Hello, I need to save money."  (Well that was true).  Then after the new year, I said, "Hmmm but President's day is coming and they might have a sale!"

Well at my rate, I'd be waiting for a Memorial Day sale, a Labor Day sale, an end of year sale...and the next thing you know it's 2020!

All that said, it was time I made room for this furniture.  I cleared out my space, cleaned it up, and am preparing it for the delivery.  I won't lie.  I'm excited to have made this bold move in my life and am ready to enjoy the place I call home.  It's also pretty symbolic because I know there are things in my heart I need to empty out and clean, in order to be prepared for whatever God has in store to fill it with.  First, it was the joy of my job.  I miss my old team sO much (wuddup, OMDe) but I knew it was time to move on and be present with my current DC fam.  I couldn't focus on the task at hand, when my heart was just aching for familiarity of work I knew.  Comfort zone is a crazy thing.  It's a real thing.  Now, I empty my living room to make space for something awesome, and soon it will be comfortable.

There are plenty of other things I need to clean out and make room for in my heart and soul, but one thing at a time.  By God's grace, I know I can muster up the courage to do it.  For now, I continue to pray for that grace and be open to that courage.

Woah that got too deep too quick.

Well I'm looking forward to sharing my space with you.  As it is prepared, my home is open to break bread and share stories with people I love.  I'm really looking forward to opening that part of my life to those around me again.

For now...keep your space clean, party people.  Praying our hearts will be emptied in order to make room for the awesomeness that is Jesus and all the other beautiful things that come with it.

Praying for you!

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