Friday, February 12, 2010

i've moved!

I'm not talking just cyber casa, but I've moved to downtown LA.  Nearly two years later, I was encouraged, inspired, and motivated to "make it on my own."  God truly hears the call of the silent because never would I have thought this would have happened so quickly.  I mean, when things are going well, why leave the comfort of the home I've had for as long as I've been here?  It has been comfortable and a great blessing, but the pages have turned and it's time to unpack the boxes I've had stored for the last two years!!  New journey, new chapter...

Once again, the thought was sparked by a simple question from my mom..."So when are you getting your own place?"  It was as simple as when she asked, "So when are you moving to LA?"  Once those questions came into mind - the Lord just made it all work out so quickly.  I say this again and again, but there are times in my life where it happens so quickly because I know He's making it happen - no room for [Maricris] error.  2010 has kicked off to a great start.  I'm about finished moving's a small studio, but it's mine to call home :)  I'm excited for the other packed up boxes God has ready for me to open up....but for now, I'll slow it down and savor every minute before life passes too quickly.