Sunday, May 16, 2010

spiraling downward

Dear Miss,

Who do you think  you are, and what are you doing to yourself?  You know better.  You've known better.  You need to rise above your misery and fill your black hole with the right kind of filling.  Not food, not friends, not drinks, not a fake relationship.  None of those will complete you.  None of those will get you out of your rut that you've been ignoring for so long.  Fill it with Jesus, need I remind you?  Fill it with the true love of your life.  Fill it with what you know will FOR SURE make you feel better.  You know this, why do I have to remind you?  You know how in love you were with Him but you turned your back when you thought He turned His.  He didn't.  He just needs you to be in a life "out of order" so He can put it in order.  No, you won't get promoted tomorrow.  No, you won't win the lotto tonight.  No, he won't come running to you wanting to be yours.  Even if all of this happened overnight, you wouldn't feel complete.  It's only in Him, you loser.  You know this so freakin' get yourself out of your rut and pull it together.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself because no one else is.  You're stronger than that.  You're smarter.  You're wiser.  You're beautiful.  You don't need to hear it from anyone because He whispers it in your ears every day and every night.  Stop filtering it out.  No one can help you but YOU so do the damn thing already.  You know what to do.

your gut

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