Monday, August 29, 2011

skip the draft

I realized that I have a bunch of blogs that are just sitting as "drafts" in my dashboard. Why I never finished a handful of my thoughts beats me. Probably got busy at work...or started to re-think my words to put on "paper". When I think too much about what I'm about to type...that's when I get "pen shy". I start thinking, "Oh goodness I don't want anyone to overanalyze me," or "Will I offend anyone?" Stupid me forgets that I am free to speak my piece and not have to care what my audience thinks. Either I win you, or I lose you.

Speaking of winning, I'm in the middle of a game and I'm curious if I even want to win. I told myself that hard work only go to the deserving, and how the heck do I even know if this time it qualifies? To win, you must have a proper strategy and focus on the prize. I guess my problem is, I don't know the prize - so can I truly know if I want to win?

I can play this out on paper over and over again...but I know it'll end up as a draft...again.

So maybe this time around I'll say screw it and go big or go home.

All players are in - it's game time.

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