Saturday, March 10, 2012


A word so simple, yet rings so song. I attended a company wide meeting this week and this word was thrown around in the context of motivation. "You have so much potential." "There's so much potential in this company to be a gold standard." Yes. Potential. I get it. Say it enough, and you're going to make me feel as though I'm not doing anything at all. In YFC (yeah, that's how I knew it ok?), we would always invite our "potential leaders" to trainings. Once they came to the training - there was no more "potential" in the title by the time they left. Granted, they didn't really "do anything" yet, but we believed that the call was already there and they were sent to mission. I think by Mr. Prez saying "there's so much potential" in our company, among the players of the team - these past 6 months have shown them nothing. Is that true? We haven't reached our potential, I get it. He means well. But at the same time, how about a "You guys have been doing excellent work, and I know that you guys will always produce something better than the last." Cuz otherwise it just feels like I haven't done jack. Is this true? Am I at a corporation that only sees potential and not the 12+ hour days over half the company puts in on a DAILY basis? Pardon the rant, but I'm just saying. I believe our team has worked really hard. Were mistakes made and is there room for improvement? Of course. Is that what he meant by saying "you have so much potential?" Maybe. But define what we're aiming for. Potential for perfection? Cuz that is going to be a long term goal and I understand that we must always work to be better than the day before. But potential to be good - don't. So I guess I just need a definition of where you want us, and what this "potential" is supposed to grow into. Then I think we'll be good.

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