Tuesday, September 10, 2013


"It’s been said that it takes 40 days to change a bad habit."

40 days in the dessert.

40 day fast for Lent.

40 has a sense of completion in my Spiritual world. Here comes a couple who is about to take the amount of days to change a habit and see if they fall in love. Friends first. Good friends, I might add. I read day 1 and I wanted to skip immediately to day 40. I just want to know if they made it or not...

But just as their journey was forty days long, I guess I'll read along - one entry per day - and document how I feel about their situation.

Great experiment...makes me curious.

Maybe at the end of it all, I'll share about everything I feel about friends dating and making something more out of it.

For now, I will just share my excitement for these two friends to jump and cross the line. John Legend sang about it. Justin and Ashton did movies about it. There's always a conclusion in my mind about friends becoming...well more than friends.

To know more about the project, see the main link: http://fortydaysofdating.com/


Day 1 reflection: Jessica and Tim start off by sending each other something cute to kick off the 40 day project. Both are feeling excited. Right now, I'm Team J. I'm all about looking for the right guy to settle with and partner up with for the rest of my life. Tim seems to be that guy that we're warned to watch out for: non-committal, same cycle/pattern of dating, habitual dater. Why watch out for this type? Because they quit before they can even see if anything real will happen. Well, he's stuck for 40 days so let's see if he overcomes his pride and falls in love, or if he resents her throughout the process.

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