Friday, September 27, 2013

dream sequence: sweats are sexy

So I always tell myself I need to blog about my dreams.  I'd write them down, but let's be real - it's a bit easier and faster to do this before I start at my work emails.  If I wait til I get home later that night, most of the deets would have been forgotten.

Anyway, last night I had a dream about a guy that made me smile.  He was a tall, Filipino (I think), dorky dude.  He was cute.  He had charisma.  Anyway, we were all out for the night and just hanging with friends.  I think we were at a lounge having drinks.  At one point we were sitting next to each other and I had my left forearm on his leg with my hand on his knee.  I left to get something, came back, and subconsciously ended up putting my hand on top of his hand (which was on his leg).  We weren't a couple or anything and I felt like we were about to hold hands, but then I felt this like "oh no I didn't mean to make a move....yet I wanted to make a move...." struggle going on in my mind.  Anyway it was semi-awkward, so I ended up moving my hand and grabbing something on the table (my drink perhaps?).  There was definitely a moment though - a spark.  Later that night, he asked me if I wanted to leave.  The ask was totally not a move, just a friendly thing, so I said sure.  I think we ended up going back to my place because I changed into sweats to get comfortable.  We were just going to watch TV or something.  Super casual, no weird intentions.  But as I was in the bathroom fixing my hair in the mirror, he walked in and said "you look hot in sweats."  Ok THAT was a move.  It was cute, I giggled.  He hugged me from behind.  I played with his hair which was all of a sudden randomly sweaty (ummm yeah kinda gross, I know) but I guess that's what happens when he gets nervous.  He got shy about me touching his hair, but I thought "eh - I can deal with this" and just smiled.

Anyway, it was all cute and that was that.  Oh, dreams, thanks for making me not stress about work last night!

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