Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The past few weeks have been challenging because I was expecting something to happen.  It never happened, so now I'm just praying about the path God had carved out for me already.  Where is this going?  Do I still have a purpose at work?  Do I still have a purpose and mission in SoCal?

The thing I'm waiting for still hasn't happened, but something else unexpected did.  My mission became clear again.  I've had four people come over in the last week for one-on-one time.  They just needed someone to talk to, and I'm blessed to be chosen to be that person.

Never do I feel burdened by this.  I actually love it.  I can't wait for the day when people come over to my home where my husband and I can help people with their problems together.  Or just listen and offer food to eat or wine to drink.  Comfort.  I've been wanting to provide a comfortable home to people for the longest time, and now I feel like it's starting to happen.  Ok, God.  Maybe I still have a purpose and mission for now.  Thank you for giving me something to do.  Thank you for listening to my prayer and helping me find purpose right now.

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