Tuesday, July 8, 2014

blogger's fail

100 happy days.  Thoughts on "How I Met Your Mother".  Feelings about "40 Days of Dating".  All those daily thoughts I wanted to log were lost in the universe.  I know all that matters is what I think and no one else, but what's the point of writing if no one will read your wonderful opinions??

I am encouraged every day to "do something you love" yet I can't get my ass to update my resume, go to a networking event, or just figure out what that "thing I love" is!  Every day I love Jesus and I want others to too.  I guess that's enough for now.

Now I want the world to be aware of His presence too.  I want people to see how He moves their lives whether they want it or not - well of course there is free will, but God will always bless and never abandon His children.  We can't take control of that.  We can't will (nor does anyone want to) will for blessings to stop coming.  I've just never heard of that.

Don't know where this is going, I just wanted to get on my computer on a Summer night and blog.

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