Wednesday, January 28, 2015

dream sequence: truth & dates

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So I had a crazy dream last night that I'm trying to figure out...yet not.  Cuz hey, it was just a dream, right??  Don't mind my thoughts as it will likely be out of order of how I actually dreamed these.

1)  I had a dream that I was at a restaurant having dinner with either a group of friends I haven't seen in a while or a new group that I haven't hung out with before.  We were there as a "group date" and it was all about getting to know each other in a deeper way.  We decided to play a game...a reverse-strip-truth-or-dare type of game.  First step, everyone at the table strips.  Guys got down to their undershirts and boxers.  Girls were wearing slips/camis.  I was on the fence about just being in my draws, but opted against it for you know...modesty.  Right.  Anyway...the point of the game was to share something deep and new about yourself that no one really knows, and each thing you share, you get to put a piece of clothing back on.  Well, there's the motivation to get clothed ;)  I was sitting next to some guy, and we were really hitting it off.  It ended up being the two of us just talking.  Then the waiter comes over and says, "Excuse me, guys.  I'm sorry but the table next to you guys just complained that they feel uncomfortable with all of you not wearing much, so we have to ask you to put your clothes back on."  Clothes on it was.  Dream over.

[[WHO DREAMS LIKE THIS?!?!  I mean, who makes up games in their minds?!? haha I don't know where this came from but hey, it's pretty genius.  I mean not that I'd do it...but I like that ice  Oh.]]

2) I had a dream I saw a crush from grade school at church.  I was sharing this with an old friend of mine, and we continued to talk about the girl who was there that had a crush on HIM.  Talking talking talking, then all of a sudden he tries to kiss me.  I back up and look at him.  "What are you doing???" I say, totally taken aback.  "I thought you felt the chemistry," he replied.

Me: "Dude, I was just telling you I have a crush on that guy, and this girl over there has a crush on YOU."

Guy: "You mean you never thought about us?"

Me: "Maybe in the past, but not now....sorry, it's just too late."

Dream over.

3) I wake up early and decide to go to 8AM mass at the Cathedral.  My friend came to meet up and told me she came from our other friends' place and it was really fun over there.  I felt salty for not being invited, but whatever I wanted to go to church.

Dream over.

[[Guess I have deep fear of missing out.  Eh?]]

Anyway, needed to get that off my chest.  Quite a weird night!

I shared these dreams with my coworkers, and one followed up with this article.

If it's true, then it makes sense.  I mean I dO like to self-reflect when I'm awake.  It's just weird that these dreams kind of came out of nowhere.  For the first dream, I dO like one on one interaction and have been thinking about that lately.  However, where did the game come from?!  I'm just amazed at my subconscious for making up such a creative ice breaker lol.  The second dream didn't seem that far fetched...just random.  Dream three was random but also something that could have totally happened (or can happen) in real life.

End scene.

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