Monday, February 2, 2015

a child's prayer

My favorite social media posts are when my friends share the cutest things their children say at prayer time.  It's the most innocent of prayers.  It's the most honest.

Every time I attend mass, I ask God to share a message with me during communion.  "Teach me, Lord.  Teach me something to carry throughout the day."

Today's message came to me as I watched the students of the Church's school receive communion.  Their hearts still open and not as tainted as ours as adults.  I admired their simple love for Christ, even if they didn't realize how pure it was.  My prayer became, "Lord, teach me to be as childlike.  To have that trust in You, my parent, knowing You will take care of my every need."

Growing up, my parents provided for me the many things I never asked for.  They gave me things that they knew would make me happy.  They were generous enough to my brother and myself.  I am grateful for the simple way they spoiled us.  I thanked God today for the simple ways He spoils me.  I don't need a baller car or a dozen designer purses.  I have a lot of wonderful blessings that I can't quantify.  I mean if I got a baller car or a dozen purses, I wouldn't be mad ;)  But it's not what I need, so I'm okay.

That was the message continue to trust in God's providence and be grateful for His generosity.  He taught this to me this morning so I could remember it when I needed Him desperately tonight.  I use "desperately" lightly as I was on the verge of anger, despair, and ready to un-learn all I received this morning.

God's grace in the Eucharist is so powerful.  He remains in me, and reminded me of my message from this mass.  It was time to cling on to that promise.  Time to cling on to Daddy God and trust Him to care for His children.

Lord, you know what we need and I trust in the way You allow us to receive this.

May this detour be it.  May this be just another lesson to learn...but the last lesson to learn.  Let us not take for granted the infinite chances you give us.  Have mercy on us, Oh Lord.

Jesus, King of Mercy, we love You. We trust in You.

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