Saturday, April 25, 2015

orange shoes and a dropped phone

Dear stranger from the plane,

So we encountered each other as we were boarding because we were both hungry and bummed that we didn't have enough time to use our airport vouchers as a result of a delayed flight.  You were going home to Cebu, I was going to visit Luzon.  I ended up sitting behind you the whole way to the islands.  You dropped your phone and asked me to pick it up.  You shared about how you were from the area where you can go swimming with whales.  I shared about how I don't speak the language but I understand it well enough that you can't talk behind my back.  I'm not sure if you got the joke.  At that point, I figured you didn't want to speak with me due to a potential language barrier.   However, you said you've been living in LA for five or so years now.  Your English was fine, but I've encountered your kind.  You are more comfortable with your language and I understand that.

I noticed you at check in.  Saw the red hoodie and orange shoes.  Pretty fun.  You asked if I was traveling alone.  I wasn't sure how to answer that.   Originally, we were both supposed to be stuck in Hong Kong overnight.  I think if I stuck with that plan, we could have hung out and become friends.  I would have invited you to CLP and introduced you to a girl I think you would like.  Instead, I flew earlier than you because I needed to meet up with my family that night.  Sorry.  Missed opportunity, perhaps?  I was going to catch your name after we picked up our connecting flight boarding passes, but you left right away.  I apologize for not introducing myself.  At some point you said, "Well maybe I'll see you in the Philippines."  I replied, "Or LA!"  But let's face it, both areas are over populated.

Well, sir, know that I said a prayer for you and your safe travels.  It was nice to meet you briefly and chat with a friendly stranger.  Who knows..maybe we will cross paths again some day.  It wouldn't be the first time that happened to me.

Enjoy your stay for the month.

Another stranger from the plane

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