Monday, January 2, 2012

how to name a year

New Years Day is all about giving yourself that chance to "start over" and "make life better". Though I think every day should be treated with as much passion and motivation, I get why January 1 is always a good place to start. Every year, I give to the Lord. Every year, I want to make myself better than the last. In all honesty, I set a theme but then forget about it until the year is over and it's time to think about another theme. However, these past few years have actually been successful. Zen2011 was definitely a success and one I will remember. A drama free year, one that proved to be a success in my career, a boost in my finances, and the Lord blessing me with opportunities to spend many times back in Chicago. Albeit, it put a deep hole in my pocket, I look at it as God opening doors and I just took it. However, this year is going to be a little different. I'm definitely blessed that He has provided me with the means to live comfortably, but I made all my major purchases in 2011 just so I can start to really save and make a difference in my debt in 2012. I can't wait for the day it's all gone, but for now, why add to it. Debt free in 2012 doesn't just mean financially but mentally and physically as well. A sound mind, body, and spirit sound so cliche, but it truly is the foundation for my year to come. I am claiming that this is the year He will truly prepare me for a greater future - and one I pray won't be "all by myself." I need to get ready and think about what He wants for me, but I know 2011 has been about me. But He said it was's just that it's time to now think about my future and me...and anyone else that may involve. I mean don't get me wrong, I have a few big events planned for next year, but with discipline and the right kind of planning, I have faith in His providence and it all happening without regret. Sound life. Disciplined life. Happy life. I don't know what to name the year, but it'll come to me! A note to myself on examples of how I want to live this year... Mind - read more! Keep up on the news, industry trades, and even celeb gossip for fun. Just be in the know and understand the world around me. It helps me be a better prayer warrior too, right? :) Personally, I'd like to read a book a month, so let's see how that goes. Body - take care of it. Dropping weight is they typical resolution, but in all honesty it's not even about that. I see myself as God sees me and I know I have a beauty that only He created....however, I need to take care of it. Being pro-life means to live a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the temple He has built in me. Discipline, Maricris. Discipline. Spirit - deeper love for God. Adoration weekly was such a good habit I had, and I've fallen out of it. Daily mass became a struggle this year, but I overcame it - so I know I can do this too. It takes one hour of my week but fulfills my heart greatly. Remember the peace you find in front of Him, Maricris. How can you NOT go??! With this comes some deep fasting. Meat for conference (maybe I can last the year). Alcohol for Intimacy Weekend and Walk for Life. I'm giving myself a "break fast" day once a month...but if I don't have to take it, I'll try my best to avoid it. Plan accordingly. At the end of all this, I am really teaching myself how to discipline my whole being. I want to give to God what truly belongs to Him, and present it in it's "perfect" condition. That means reconciliation more frequently, mass daily, and increase in my daily meditations and reflections with Him. Be satisified with what's in front of me and make it the best. That's why I love that song from The Muppets Soundtrack, "Life's a Happy Song" because the one lyric says, "I've got everything that I need, right in front of me," and it's so true. Life is a happy song for me right now and I want to live that as the soundtrack for my 2012. I'm preparing for something great ahead. I am confident in my discernment in 2011 and ready to move forward this year. God be with ye...God be wit all of us. Cheers to a fulfilling 2012!

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