Sunday, January 19, 2014

100 happy days

Be joyful every day. My friends challenged us to join and post something each day that brings us joy. It's not about bragging, rather being able to share your joy and have others maybe feel the same too. For me, I pray it's a way to help everyone recognize God on the daily. Every day He answers prayers. Every day He blessed us with something. Some days it will be more obvious than others, some days I know I'll really have to reflect on that day to find happiness. However note what's a given. I'm not going to post my time at mass daily lol - that's trumps all things that make me happy. Anyway, I pray that you're able to see God in everything and revel in how much He surrounds and hugs you matter what.

So day one: fireworks, Disneyland, and Small World. Any of these three automatically turn my mood to joy! 

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