Sunday, August 24, 2014

Targeted Body Sculpting

I'm always down to try a new workout.  From Jazzercise in the 80's, step aerobics back in the 90' Soul Cycle, Cardio Barre, and Bar Method - sign me up!  I have yet to redeem my Living Social deal for Piloxing...Pilotes + Boxing?  Oh, the possibilities to stay fit are endless!

I hopped back on the Bar Method wagon the other day, and the soreness still hasn't quit.  I tried swimming it out in order to use the muscles, but my gosh my body is tiiiiired.  I pray I can keep this up for the month because, gosh darnit, I paid a lot for classes.  Whenever someone asks me what it is, I describe it as slow death.  Ha - kidding.  It incorporates the solid stances of a dancer, utilizing a ballet barre and proper techniques to form and develop strong, lean muscles.  This really is a good workout to get toned.  There's obviously so much more to it, but I suggest just "googling" it so you can better understand.  The photo above is the WORST yet the BEST move.  I dread it to the point where I have to pray before class in order to not be so nervous.  Time slows down when you are getting into position.  Heels up higher, get lower - OYE.  Why is it that minutes when you're eating yummy food go by so quickly, but then the minutes when you are holding this position seem to be an extended version or halts to a complete stop?  Is that possible?!?!

Which brings me to my mystagogia for the day...

Bar Method targets parts of the body in each exercise.  There is a complete focus on one section before moving to the next.  At the end of the hour, the entire body has been fully worked, and by that evening you can definitely feel the effects.  I am so sore everywhere.  Did I mention that yet??

God does the same to us - He targets specific areas we really need to work on in life.  Simultaneously, He allows us to come to Him with the same method - "Lord, please help me with this area of my life first.  Then this..."  Before you know it, the entire self has been given to God.  Before you realize it, God has molded your entire being.  There are targeted parts of my life that I am giving to God, and it's almost as though I can't really move on to the next part until I started with the other first.  Domino effect.

How we work together is a mystery.  I'm clearly all "external life" things, and He's molding parts of me on the "internal/spiritual" level.

It's rather exciting how this is all panning out.  The part that sucks is when He makes me hold a position when I feel uncomfortable and to a point of pain.  Time seems to slow down, but just as my body will learn to build muscle off these certain exercises, my personality learns to build the virtues of His Spiritual exercises.

I plan to keep going with my physical workout.  I'm going to move forward with the future plans I'm praying about - targeted yet holistic.  He's going to continue to pound me to the ground and remake my Spirit.  Everyone needs pruning in life, and this darn exercise - as painful and slow it seems to be - will be what gets me where I really want to be.  He knows how to work me best.  I trust Him just as I do a licensed barre instructor.

Hold, one - two - three.......

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