Sunday, November 16, 2014

dance, dance

I'm going to be sore in the morning.  I haven't danced like that in sO long!  Tonight was the "God's Great Dance Floor" Fundraiser for ANCOP and we all really just had a great time.  The cause is important to me, so I really wanted to be there for the event.  Heard we hired a DJ and that was enough to get me excited because I had been wanting to go dancing for a long time.  I love groovin' like no one is watching.  I'm not talking about gettin' all freeeeaky like no one be watchin' yo (though I admit that's fun once in a while lol).  I'm talking, "Coachella" dancing when you're just spinning around and singing along to the care in the world!

But sometimes I find myself dancing in a group where my "festival" dancing doesn't work.  Trust me, I already bumped into plenty of people...whoops!  Sometimes you have to dance with a partner.  OYE.  The Lord knows that has been hard for me for a long time, but I absolutely love watching couples who do it.  I'm envious but I know I just need to learn some day.  Salsa, Cha-Cha, Swing, etc...takes a certain kind of skill in me that I don't seem to have.  Some say I do, maybe I just haven't learned properly.  Who knows.  Shake dem hips, gurrrrl....

But God taught me that in a similar way, He leads me on His dance floor, and I'm just to follow.  I may stumble and step on His toes once in a while, but it's okay.  He spins me around and I have no idea what  I'm doing, but there's a natural beat - a natural "next step" that comes to play and I just go with it.  I find myself dancing to His beat and it works out well.  I admit, in the beginning I'm scared.  I'd rather know what I'm doing.  I'm all about the choreographed dances....but sometimes someone has to just know what to do and just lead you.  Then I'll just follow.  If you have the right teacher,  you'll get it.  God is the perfect dancer and I am learning to just go along with it.  Sometimes I want to do my own thaaang, but at the same time I'm not trying to make Him look like a fool, so I go along.  He knows the right moves to the right song...I'll just let Him swing and twirl me around, and I'll smile :)

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