Tuesday, November 18, 2014

unexpected call

Last night, my dear sister friends reminded me that we need to be specific with God when we pray.  Despite having already blogged about it, I still forget that detail sometimes.  I went to bed thinking about what I needed to pray for specifically.

Night passes, dreams are dreamt.

This morning as I was getting into my car, I noticed a heart shaped charm on the ground next to my door.  It was my St. Anthony charm!  How did it fall off my keyring?  I checked the link to see if it was broken or loose, but it was shut pretty tight.  That said, I knew it was a check-in from my heavenly friend.  He was trying to get my attention to pray for his intercession today, so I had a good one-on-one session with him at mass.  I also shared his "phone call" with my sister friends in case they needed a nudge to chat with him today too.

Click here to learn more, but note that St. Anthony of Padua is the patron saint of lost articles.  A while back, I heard something funny about single people asking St. Anthony to find their "lost [future] spouse".  I thought that maybe that's why he was tapping me, so I said a quick prayer for "him" (wherever and whomever he is).  I know it's silly, but hey - God has a sense of humor!

Anyway, later on I felt like it was more than that.  I prayed with the intention to find my faith and hope in God again.  Not that it was lost, but if I really break down my conversations with God, it's lacking.  Today God told me, "Stop acting like you know My plans.  You don't even know, so stop anticipating My next move.  Maricris, I am God.  You are not.  I love you more than you love yourself.  Have a little faith and trust in Me that I know what's going on."  [See how Jesus only asks for a little faith??  #mustardseedfaith]

He goes on and on but it's a bit more personal, so I'll skip a few sentences ;)

Then He continues, "Don't you believe in My Love for you?  Just as I came as a child to St. Anthony, come as a child to Me.  Let Me carry you through this.  Let Me love and hold you.  Rely on me."

So with a sincere heart and a specific request through the St. Anthony prayer, I really asked to find hope and faith in God in all things.  I want to have the courage to trust and the peace to understand something unknown.  It really went hand in hand with today's gospel - Luke 18: 35-43.

Jesus asked him, "What do you want me to do for you?"  He replied, "Lord, please let me see."  Jesus told him, "Have sight; your faith has saved you."  He immediately received his sight and followed him, giving glory to God.  When they saw this, all the people gave praise to God.

"Lord, please let me see."  That is my prayer.

The night continues, and I catch up with a good friend at dinner time.  As we were chatting, she says point blank to me, "Have faith and hope.  Trust in God."  She didn't know about my prayer time at mass today, so that was enough for me to "see" that I'm on the right track.  God's love is obvious and I need to start acting grateful for it :P

That early morning "phone call" from heaven was not wasted.  Through St. Anthony, Jesus heard my prayer and answered me.  St. Anthony helped me "find" my way and the words I was looking for from God.  I also read this, which affirms his strong presence for me today:  "St. Anthony of Padua's life is what every Christian's life is meant to be; a steady courage to face the ups and downs of life, the call to love and forgive, to be concerned for the needs of others, to deal with crisis great and small, and to have our feet solidly on the ground of total trusting love and dependence on God."

Thank you, Jesus.  Thank you, St. Anthony.  To all my heavenly homies - you know who you are....thank you.

That was a quick answer to my prayer, but I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

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  1. Wow! I can definitely relate to the whole, "I prayed with the intention to find my faith and hope in God again. Not that it was lost, but if I really break down my conversations with God, it's lacking," idea. The last bold blue part reminds me of a quote from St. John Bosco," Walk with your feet on earth, but in your heart be in heaven." God bless!