Monday, November 24, 2014

3, 2, 1...go!

"You can't win if you don't race!" - Tow Mater of Carsland

Yes, I'm quoting from a ride in California Adventure.  Tow Mater's got it right!  There have been many situations where someone tells me a goal they have in life, but when I ask what they're doing to achieve it...they say they haven't done anything!  How do you expect to get anywhere if you don't move?  God gives us grace and blessing each day, but He also give us free will.  That said, we have to move our butts from off the couch and do something.  Things don't always land in our laps unexpetedly.  Whether it's updating your resume for a new job you want, asking a girl you've had your eye on out on a date, or starting that "more vegetables, less junk food" need to physically do something to get results.  Even in our relationship with God, we ask why He doesn't seem to work more in our lives.  Sometimes it takes us saying "yes" and doing something for Him first, in order for His plans to work and come to life.  Strengthen our prayer time.  Say "yes" to more service.

Do something.  Race.  Soon you will find yourself crossing the finish line faster than you can say, "Ka-Chow!"  I'll see you on the course :)

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