Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the journey

For any of you that may have missed it in previous posts, I decided my theme this Advent would be to "Enjoy the Journey".  The past few weeks, God has taught me to be more patient, to truly be more faithful, and to love more.  Fitting as my overall theme for 2014 was "Love More" (and yes, this was before the CFC theme was released...yay same Spirit!)  But I digress.  Each week I had a subtheme that would help me grow and guided this journey.  I learned to "empty myself", "receive joy", and "listen in silence."  Funny enough, I don't have a blog about my silence, but it truly was a fruitful time.

Lord, You have prepared me for this year.  33 is not one that I fear but a year I'm excited to embrace.  As 2014 comes to a close, rather than recollecting the past 365 days, I want to reflect on my Advent journey.  It's the nth day of Christmas, and the Spirit is still singing and dwelling in me.  Tis the season to celebrate Jesus and His birth!  Looking back on the past month, I can see how God transformed me when I let Him.  He stretched my heart and taught me more about faith, hope, and love.  He covered me in an ocean of His mercy.  In the few weeks alone, Jesus has reminded me the importance of every moment in history.  From His mother's first "yes" to finally finding a home in a manger, I can see the journey of your coming was difficult but worth it.

I just need to enter Christmastime with an eye of innocence.  Doesn't mean to be a child and ask for everything on the shelf.  Nope, it means to embrace truth with the eyes of faith that can be found in children.  That dependency on our parents to nurture and care for us is similar to how Jesus depended on His parents for food and shelter.  Part of the journey is complete trust in the one who can see further than you.

The journey for me has just begun.  Fitting as Advent rings in the new year, my "new beginnings" have already begun.  I have been praying for a theme for 2015, but I think this really will follow me into next year.  I don't know what's to come, but I will remember the words I shared with Jesus on the stroke of midnight as my birthday came..."Lord, You have prepared me for this year."

I have faith, hope, and trust in His love and mercy that He will guide me for what's to come.

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