Monday, December 1, 2014

slow cook

Happy New Year!  Happy first day of the Advent season.  Ohhhh, Advent...a time of waiting.  A time of anticipation.  I love Christmastime.  I love the buildup not only for the holiday but most especially for the birth of Christ.  There is always something exciting about preparing for His coming.  Just as parents prepare their homes for the coming of their newborn, we should prepare our hearts for Baby Jesus!

This past weekend, my slow cooker has seen more action than it has in a long time.  I made a few Thanksgiving meals in it, and the longer it took the tastier it turned out.  I made bbq pulled pork one night and everyone enjoyed it (phew!).  The next night, I decided to make more and bring it to my other party.  I figured that I already knew what to do (plus I had extra ingredients that I didn't want to waste), so it'd be easiest.  I also decided to revise my schedule a bit.  I knew that marinating the pork longer would make it not only more tender, but tastier.  Yes, the slower the process, the better it turns out.  So 7 hours we wait for the creation to be finished, and *boom* the second group of guinea pigs enjoyed it just as much (if not more) than the first.  Woot woot, success!

God marinates us with grace, wisdom, and knowledge so many times in our lives and we just have to let it sit in our hearts sometimes before we see anything come of it.  Not all of God's work happens slowly, but when it does - there's a reason.  He always has the most perfect time, and after working with us for many years, He knows the science behind how long some prayers need.  Sometimes it's a quick turnaround, many times we sit and wait.  This is the part I hate most because just like times I have food in a slow cooker - I get hungry and want to eat it right away.  However, I know I have to wait it out so it tastes yummy.  I want to move on something God has answered in my life, but I know I have to wait it out so everything falls into place perfectly.

Advent is a time of waiting, a time of preparing.  In the meantime, let us sit and soak in God's love.  Just as I poked holes in the pork so it could better soak in the juices, I pray I am open not only in my mind but in my heart in order to take in all the Jesus juice as well.  Have faith that it's all to make the end result something so delicious and satisfying.

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