Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It's taken me some time to put my thoughts together for this entry because the journey is only beginning.  Without giving too much away, the Lord has really been hearing my specific prayers.  I've always been told to be specific, but never have I truly experienced it to the tiniest detail.  Not that I was testing God at all, but to keep me grounded I really asked Him for something as specific as these blue roses and this blue cloth.

There is a bit of a twist though.  With these two items, I received exactly WHAT I wanted...just not WHEN I wanted them.

During my St. Therese novena, I asked her for a specific kind of rose.  Why blue?  Because I always see every color around, even purple.  That said, I really wanted to be set aside as someone special in her eyes and asked for blue.  I was flexible and told her, Mother Mary, and Jesus that even if it was a drawing, a photo, or my friend Rose wearing blue...I'd just know they were there guiding me in my journey.  Sure enough, my friend was wearing bright blue pants that I've never seen on her before!  That made me giggle, but for sure I knew God was hearing me.  He has a sense of humor!  However, God had other plans.  It only took a few more weeks, but not too long ago I saw a bunch of blue roses offered to Mother Mary.  Look at how BLUE they are!  So beautiful, and sO meant for me at that moment :)  God said, "I hear ya. Just wait and I will give it to you."

During my 33 Days to Morning Glory, I prayed for this specific blue cloth as well.  I want to share more, but I'm not ready to reveal anything yet.  Let's just say that everything I wanted - to the tiny deets - came to life.  It didn't come on the day I wanted, but I saw that God was already preparing for me to have it months before I even prayed for it!  Sorry, I know it's all so cryptic sounding but I'll have to explain at a later date.

I got the cloth the day before I got the blue flowers, so you can imagine how overwhelmed I was feeling with God's love and presence by presenting to me the two things I've been praying for.  Yes, it was a week or so delayed but I got what I wanted and at whatever time He had planned for me :)  Not sure why He waited, but I'm guessing it's to show me that 1) He hears me 2) He knows the details 3) It all comes together in the time of His choosing.

I just need to relax, be patient, and keep praying about other matters of my heart in order to nurture and nourish the desires He has planted.

I definitely have more things to pray about, so we'll see how and when it all comes to life.

Jesus, I trust in You.


  1. Wow! This is an amazing story! It's great how God works and helps us, and this is a really special miracle. :)