Monday, October 27, 2014

intense love

The past few days have been spent with family.  I took a trip out to Dallas to go visit my cousins and their two kids.  Never have I appreciated youth more.  I left that place more tired than I've been on any trip but so fulfilled.

There are many highlights, but one I can't get out of my head is the love from the children.  Christopher is now 9 and Evelyn 2.  These guys are at such an adorable age.  When in other families, the gap may cause the two to not get along - it's so opposite here.  Christopher and Evelyn love each other sooooo much.  Too much sometimes to the point where Evelyn starts swatting lol.  It's too cute.  I wake up surrounded by that love.  Nothing feels better than hearing someone whisper "Tita Maricris, wake up," then jump in your bed to give you a big hug and kiss.  That kind of love is so natural in these two.  When Evelyn "hurt" tita, she remedied the situation immediately with kisses.

There is an intense love in these two that came from that same intense love given by their parents.  That's where they got, and it inspires me more and more to have that for myself someday.  Not that I didn't want a family or kids, it's just that I would get distracted easily.  I know that's what I want for myself some day.  My own kids jumping in bed to wake me up and just love me for the morning mess that I am.

But at the end of it all, that intense love that Chris and Evie's parents shared with them came from their parents and their grandparents.  You know where it all rooted from?  God's love.  I'm blessed to come from a family that knows and understands that.  We love as He loves us and that is just so fitting from Sunday's gospel.  Love our neighbors as God loves us, and that is with the most intense kind of love.  Of course it comes with patience and practice, but once we're aware of God's love for us, we'll learn how to pass it on.  Just as the kids learn from their parents, we learn from our Father.

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