Tuesday, October 7, 2014

morning glory

As some of you may know, I conducted my own personal challenge of not only finding God in everything in life but really understanding His message for me each day.  It’s funny how I started to see Him in the little, almost mundane, objects and scenarios of the day.  My senses were heightened for His word and as a result, I noticed how much God really loves me.  If you’d like to follow the journey for 30 days, feel free to read from the beginning.  Inspiration and explanation of the project can be found here.  You can also check it out on my Tumblr if that platform is your cup of tea.  Feel free to follow or subscribe for future blogs while you're at it!

The project is technically over, but the practice to see Him in all things has only begun.  While doing my 30 Days of Mystagogia project, I was at the same time on a personal retreat.  I joined my friend in doing the 33 Days to Morning Glory so as to consecrate myself to Jesus through Mother Mary.  Today, the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary, is actually my consecration day (yay!)  33 Days to Morning glory deserves its own blog someday, but for now I’d like to share an affirmation I received on doing my Mystagogia Project.

On Day 19, the chapter was about Blessed Mother Teresa’s “spiritual sensitivity” and how she saw God in all things.  First of all, Mother Teresa is my homegirl.  She really has made her presence known in my life for the past five years in service, and she never fails to remind me on how to be a better missionary.  Regarding her “Spiritual Sensitivity,” she followed the example of Mother Mary who was always “pondering in her heart” the good things God was doing in her life.  Blessed Mother Teresa found God in the details and pondered on His goodness.  She found Him in all things and reflected deeply on the many signs of His love.  Same Spirit!!!  Totes did that with this 30 Days of Mystagogia project, and it’s just affirming knowing that someone like her has done it too (minus the blogging and with deeper faith, I’m sure).  I look up to Blessed Mother Teresa in my spiritual journey, and she did this as an imitation of Mother Mary, which is what I’m trying to do too.  Ahhh so many affirmations all around it’s just crazy!

Been guided on this journey that has now turned into a new lifestyle.  Thank you, Lord, for reminding me to seek You in all things.  May this be an example others may follow, so they too may see Your goodness and ponder Your grace and love in their hearts.

We face so many trials every day, but when we take a closer look, we will see the greater amount of blessings we are showered with constantly.  Perk up your ears, focus your eyes.  You will see God communicating with you all the time J

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