Tuesday, February 24, 2015

love in color

I had a weird but simple moment with my Mom.  I was sharing all of my heartaches and pains with Her.  I was sharing about my love and worry for all of my friends and family.  I was desperate for Her help...to help them all.  The world just needs so much love and I wanted Her help...to help me share that love for others.  So many things to talk about, not enough time.  But she knew and understood it all.  Every person, she said she would just love more.  Every intention she said she'd keep close to her heart.

As I continued my prayer, I noticed something and giggled at the "Mother/daughter" bonding moment we had.  I randomly chose a rosary I haven't used for a while, and as I was speaking to my Mom, I noticed that it was the same color as my nail polish.  I told you it was weird, but it was a simple moment with her.  We shared a smile, a hug, and she kissed me good night.  This was her way of bonding with me and telling me she's got my back.  I felt love in the color (especially since it's one of my favorites!)

I felt her arms wrap around me as I allowed my heart to break a little.  Only then could it be filled with more love.  A warm tear dropped.  Maybe it was out of sadness, maybe it was out of relief.  Either way, the comfort I felt put me to sleep so peacefully at night.

Mother of all mothers,  I love you.  Thank you for always listening and praying for and with me.

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