Friday, February 27, 2015


Today's gospel (Matthew 7: 7-12) is one of my favorites.  ASK.SEEK.KNOCK.

Jesus gives us three things we can do.  How simple!  THREE :)


In my profession, the popular phrase is "Just ask."  The worst that can ever happen is that you get a "no".  I know that's not a word people like to hear, but if you don't ask, you will never receive any answer at all.

Jesus says to ask, so I asked.


How timely to be told to search, as that is what I'm doing.  Affirmed!  This is the part of our lives where we need to take action.  We can't just expect things to fall into our laps sometimes.  Though I will say, those are the best...but in reality, most of the time we have to get up and seek out our way to an answer.


There are many doors, there are many options.  Jesus acknowledges the fact that we will be faced with different opportunities and could get pulled into several directions.  In our discernment, we often ask the Lord to guide us down the right path.  We may stumble upon a few obstacles, and one of those might be a closed door.  Jesus says to knock, and it will be opened to you.

I guess if it doesn't open, you've got an answer to the question you asked.

There's a last bit in here that wasn't written in black and white, but hopefully it is understood.  Come humbly before Him when praying.  Yes, ask away.  Jesus wants us to.  However, we need to ask, seek, and knock with humility.

Jesus doesn't HAVE to do anything for us.  He doesn't have to give us what we need or want.  We can bug Him all day, and if He doesn't want to....He won't.  BUT that's not our God.  God WANTS to.  He has nothing but LOVE for us and just wants to shower us with all His blessings.

So when I say come humbly, I mean we need to pray with honesty, sincerity, and specifically...but we can't pray with the attitude that we expect God do as we say.  We have to pray and trust that He will give us everything we NEED because He loves us so much.  Every prayer is answered.  Every call and cry He hears.  We can pray and expect to be answered, but in His way not ours.  Yes, "CLAIM IT" when you really want something, but claim it with the trust that God will answer it as He sees best.

That attitude changes the way I pray.  I know I am deserving of many things as as child of God, but I also know that I can't act like a spoiled brat.  Jesus loves me, this I know (for the bible tells me so?)  No but for real, I know Jesus loves me and spoils me like crazy, but I still have to approach Him with love and humility.  Gotta put Him in control.  I can't tell Him what to do and how to do it.  It changes the prayer, it changes the attitude, it changes my relationship in God.  I mean, I give suggestions for things I reeeeeally want :)  But I think that is okay hehe.

Here's a parallel:  If you could pay big bucks for a personal shopper to dress you up, I know there is trust there.  The personal shopper is the expert.  I've never had one, but I can only imagine there is a degree of humility when trusting someone to dress you up.  Yes, you can share what you like: colors, styles, accessories, etc...but at the end of the day you know you'll trust your shopper to get you what is probably the most flattering and in style.

How much more with God?  He's the expert of our lives and can "dress us up" as He sees best.  Ask for what you want, seek out the answers, and keep knockin' on those doors!  Don't pound on em...remember: in humility and love ;)

Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in you.

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