Monday, September 1, 2014

movie reflection: About Time


Don't go any further if you haven't seen and plan to watch this film.

Near the end, the father tells Tim the secret to happiness.  Part 2 of the secret was to relive each day but then to enjoy it with a different perspective now that he knows what is about to happen.  Appreciate every second.  Even further down the line, Tim realizes that he doesn't need to time travel anymore.  He didn't need to relive a day.  Instead he just needed to live each day fully as if it were his last.  He enjoys the richness of every moment, every contact, just as if he were doing all over again.  He was present in the moment.

I want to have that kind of awareness in my life every day.  I want to be able to take each second and see God.  See His plan unfold.  See the kindness of a smile, see the bud of a plant, and even see the scar on someone's hand.  To be that detailed in life is probably impossible, but I want to be aware.  I'll be left overwhelmed, but at the end of the day it will be a good day.  Similar to Tim's experience after his first "second time around," he realized he actually had a really good day instead of a bad one, which is what he originally felt.

The #30daysofmystagogia Project

#100happydays was a great challenge to help me see what makes me smile each day.  Some days were very difficult, so finding something to make me happy was almost impossible.  However, in light of the challenge, I found something even if it were very small.  I learned to find joy in the simple and tiny things in life.  Of course there were a few times where it was super obvious I had something to be happy about, and more often than not I had a LOT of things to be happy for in one day.  All good problems to have.  Now I want to take it a step further and not just recognize something that made me happy but to take each blessing and see how God was speaking to me.  To see God in the daily routine of life is something we always forget to do.  That is the beauty and art of mystagogia.  Join me in my journey, but I also challenge you to mystagogue for yourself.  Seek into the mystery of God and let His message and love be revealed to you daily.




"person who initiates into mysteries,"

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