Wednesday, September 3, 2014

back seat driver

I love Urban Dictionary (but Wiki says it too, so that makes it true, duh): a back seat driver is 1) a passenger in the car who is not in control yet excessively criticizes the driver and/or 2) anyone who offers unwanted advice.  As I was driving to work today, I randomly remembered that back seat drivers are a pet peeve of mine.  When I am a riding in a car, I know I find myself being "that passenger" sometimes, but I try to stop immediately.  The driver is in control of their car.  Unless I ask for help, I don't need to be told how to get somewhere nor how to maneuver my car.  In addition, please don't tell me how to parallel park.  That is most especially a peeve of mine.  I try my best to not take notice to my fellow BSDs so I just stop listening and drive.  If I take it personally, I will snap with a rude comment or just be sassy.  No one wants a sassy driver.  They're already doing a favor by driving YOU!  Haha - ok sorry, rant over.

Anyway, as I was reflecting on that, I started laughing because I knew Jesus was sitting next to me laughing.  "Really, Maricris, you hate back seat drivers?  What have you been doing to me over the past few weeks??"  UGH slam the brakes!  I've been called out.  I'm all about "Jesus taking the wheel," but I end up acting as if I'm smarter than His GPS (not that God needs one....but you know....).

Maricris on the daily: "Lord, how about we try this?" "Jesus, I'm thinking we go this direction."  "Watch out, You're going into a path unknown!"  "Be careful, this area is sketchy..."

Of alllllll the people in the world, Jesus knows where He's going.  He has always known where He is going to take us.  We have the freedom to roll with it.  We have the will to follow.  I've done that "lead my own journey" thing already.  Psh, overrated.  It took me to a few bad turns and a dead end just to end up back where I started.  Why waste your time when you have someone you can trust to drive and guide you?  Yes, I am human.  I will let God know where I'd like to stop and when I need a break.  I'll share my opinions with Him when I feel it's appropriate.  I still might back seat drive a little.  I'll be more sensitive and watch myself though.  So on a true road trip with Jesus, I will let Him drive and I'm going to enjoy the scenery - dry deserts, luscious falls, heavy rainfall, beaming sunshine, everything.

What's #30daysofmystagogia?  You can refer back to my blog on "About Time" to understand the meaning behind all of this.

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