Friday, September 26, 2014


My post work happy hour consisted of two loads of laundry before the weekend.  You know you're out of clothes when people notice that you're wearing something in you ran out of your regular outfits ;)

I watched my laundry do turns in the wash.  I wanted to see how fast the tumble was in order for these clothes to get clean.  Round and round, mix with water and soap.  Drain, rinse, done.

The cycle of the washing process made me think that I have my own cycles of life that I go through.  Some days I'm totally on point with my faith.  In seconds I can fall, feel sad, or get mad.  Then something or someone reminds me about the love of God and I'm happy again with my faith restored.  We grip and lose our faith in cycles.  Some days are definitely easier than others, but I tend to let my crazy imagination direct my faith in God.  For example, things are fine - but I start thinking "well it'd be better if I had this" or "but is it enough that I don't have that?"  I'm in a cycle of feeling "abandonment" by God because my prayers haven't been "answered".  Then I read something that reminds me that God is faithful to those who are faithful, so I think, "Ok I don't need 'that' because I have God and that's all that matters."

Then my imagination thinks I'm missing something else in life and the cycle starts again.  That's how the devil plays with us.  It's a part of life, but we need to hang on the the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit to keep us aware of God's love and providence at all times.  The cycle will help us grow, but don't let yourself fall still in a rut when you think there's nothing good to come.

Wow this reflection totally went into a weird turn I didn't expect.  Keep the faith and no matter what tries to bring you down, rise above it.  You got this, friend.

What's #30daysofmystagogia?  You can refer back to my blog on "About Time" to understand the meaning behind this project.

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