Tuesday, September 16, 2014


You'll laugh.  I was praying while washing dishes thinking, "Lord, speak to me today.  What have I experienced this day that is an experience of You?"  Not that it was a bad day, but I didn't feel as though I paid enough attention to God's presence.  I continued on with my dishes, but focusing on my bottle brush.  I used it to rinse out my lunch box, not realizing the amount of fat that it scraped off.  I tried to put all of this soap on the brush but it only helped a little.  The fat residue would NOT come off.  In frustration, I used a different kind of soap and tried to scrub it against my sink so the soap could help lift it all off.  It got a lot of it, but not all.  That's when I decided, "Ok, I won't throw this brush away yet.  It's still good - just has a little fat I need to clean off.  I'll use heat to get the fat off and throw it in the dish washer later for a good, deep cleanse."

Would you believe me if I told you that the Lord spoke to me with that?  I go to mass daily to remind myself to live a holy life.  Every day I confess my sins at the altar along with the rest of the congregation.  "I confess to Almighty God, and to you, my brothers and sisters, that I have greatly sinned..."

Every day I still sin.  Before and after mass...sometimes even during!  Yes, in faith I believe my venial sins wash away at mass, but there is residue that still builds up to a gunk of fat that I need to get off.  A deep cleanse is good every so often.  In fact, it's necessary.  Confession is that deep cleanse.

Just as I need to throw my bottle brush for a somewhat intense heat, wash, and dry process, my soul needs a good scrub down.  I love confession.  You let it all out and it doesn't come back with you.  Once the Lord forgives, He forgets.  Everything is clearer.  Everything is brighter.  Today's cleaning session reminded me that I need to go to confession and get this funky fat off of me.  That way, I will be clean enough to help clean others as well.  As long as I keep trying to keep the fat off, people will see how nice and effective...the bottle brush can be hahaha.  My credibility is restored and I can fulfill the purpose I was created for.  If I'm headed to heaven, you're coming with!

PS.  Mystagoging while cleaning reminded me to lift up all my work and St. Therese will know what to do with it.  Prayed that my little deeds would help souls in purgatory.  Sorry, just wanted to throw that in there.

What's #30daysofmystagogia?  You can refer back to my blog on "About Time" to understand the meaning behind this project.

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