Friday, September 19, 2014

never ending childhood

I spend my Friday night at Disneyland.  People ask me how I never get sick of this place, but I guess because I didn't come here growing up, I'm just making up for lost time.  One ride we had on tonight's checklist was Peter Pan.  The story of this boy who never grows up can be seen as a syndrome of one who never matures, but to me it shares as message about being young at heart.  The adventures he goes on with Wendy reflect accurately my imagination as a child.  The playing pretend and being in different worlds....that's awesome.  Sometimes it's okay to take ourselves out of reality and just enjoy a good adventure.  Tonight was an adventure with traffic but once we got to the park, we all became kids again.  We enjoyed all the little things - the fireworks, good food, and rides we haven't been on before.  We wanted to do things tonight that most of us haven't done in a while.  No Space Mountain or Indiana Jones for us.  It was all about the new adventure.  God challenges me to seek new adventures and see life through the eyes of a child.  No, He's not saying be immature but rather look at the world with the innocence a lot of us have lost due to pain and fear.  He blesses me with an opportunity to live an adventurous life and explore with wide eyes.  Just as a child who discovers Disneyland for the first time....God asks me to see the world with that same awe and wonder.  It's so large and there are so many things to try.  Take on the example of Peter Pan (to a certain degree) and lead your friends into a great adventure of life.  Don't get into trouble with the Captain Hooks of the world.  Rather, enjoy responsibly and you will see that you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!!!!

What's #30daysofmystagogia?  You can refer back to my blog on "About Time" to understand the meaning behind this project.

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